Assignment 02.04.01 Responsive website

Presented project: My website

My website contains these subjects: Passion-collage, something about Dadaism, moodboard, colorscheme, typography and scalable images, examples of logos and icons, my folder-structure and about me.:

What did I learn?

I was introduced to some of the primary tools of the MMD-profession. For instance the special terminology concerning subjects in digital communication. I learned about coding with HTML and CSS, learned about Photoshop and vector drawing with Illustrator, and Adobe XD, which I used to make the prototype of my responsive website. I learned about prototyping user interfaces and user experiences. How to realise good ideas, and to create and communicate. You can use the Trunk-test to evaluate your product. Ask five questions and see if your product fill the user needs (What site is this?, What page am I on? What are the main sections? what navigation options do I have? Where am I overall?) In the creative process it is important to know, how the human eye perceives visual elements. This relates to the Gestalt Principles (i.e.figure-ground, proximity, similarity, connectedness and closure.) The goal was to create a website from the beginning and make it work on several devices such as mobile, tablet and desktop. I have achieved basic knowledge and skills that might give me useful competencies to make various digital solutions.

my responsive website    
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Assignment 03.01.01 Data Collection

Assignment 03.03.01 Prototype

Assignment 03.04.01 Design Sprint

Presented project: My Data Collection

I am investigating three topics and describe the insights: VR in relation to people with dementia, the use of social media, and the use of transportation preferred. It contains desk research, observation research, images from observations, interview research, survey research, graphs from Google Forms.

Presented project: Prototype (a group product).

It is about international students in Copenhagen, and their chance to find an apartment based on Presearch. Making a website for their service, a style tile, prototype low and high fidelity, copy and microcopy, wireflow, think-aloud-test.

Presented project: Design Sprint (a group product)

It is about students at KEA coming and not coming to the Moon Bar. It contains identifying a problem, making plans, finding key players, how might we do, ask the experts, sketch with notes and ideas, heatmap, solution sketch, storyboard, decisions made, supervote, “winners”, prototype, interview-test, possible improvements, visual design, style tile, design principles. It is based on The Four Step Sketch / Design Sprint.

Presented project: Content Production

It is about my food blog, and contains a sitemap wireflow and tone of voice. Presented project: Information Architecture It is a reflection about Don Norman´s ideas (the user / buyer must have a good experience). It contains a concept map, sitemap on card sorting, photos of the card sorting.

What did I learn?

I learned how important it is for web-designers to understand the users. That web design must be based on data we collect. When you know many things about the users, you can better adjust your products, so users can make a good interaction with them. In that connection it is very useful that we have learned about theories, tools and methods we can use for research. Concrete insights are very important as a basis for creating good digital products and relevant content. All the projects presented above show this. So it has been a great learning. In this theme we worked more with visual design, responsive layout and used Adobe XD. If you want to learn more about your product and your users, you can be aware of the seven factors that influence UX / Morville´s Honeycomb.(“The Basics of User Experience Design.” A pdf from Basic UX) Other tools in your UX toolbox could be The Think Aloud Method or The 5 Second Test to make user research..In that way you can test if your webpages are effective communication.

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Assignment 04.01.01 Sprite animation on a background

Assignment 04.02.01 Javascript controlled animation

Assignment 04.03.01 Project pool 1

Assignment 04.04.01 Link to your Onboarding

Presented project:

A sprite animation on a background. My character Spiderbear is moving along a street with houses, grass and trees in the background. Presented project: An animation with my character Spiderbear, where you can activate him in 10 different ways.

Presented project: My To do list.

Presented project: Onboarding made as a game.(A group project).

What did I learn?

I learned about the basic principles for design and programming of digital solutions, and about basic animation. I learned about sketching my character and background, and how to tell a story about it, and I learned about The Twelve Animation Principles. There was in this theme more exercise and practice with HTML, CSS, Photoshop and Illustrator. We also learned to use Adobe XD and Javascript to control CSS. It all focused on user centered methods and activities. I also learned that it might be a good idea in some way or another to test the ideas and the solutions you have. Perhaps they can be improved. Peer review. An exercise in critical thinking, and to have insider-knowledge about your project. And you can use a Think Aloud Test,, where participants are asked to share their thoughts with the interviewer.

link to onboarding     JS controlled animation     to do list    
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Assignment 05.01.01 A Story Without Words

Assignment 05.02.01 Campaign for Foodsharing Copenhagen

Assignment 05.02 02 A pdf document with your drawn storyboard and a customer pitch.

Presented project: A Story Without Words.

A film / video about LONELINESS. Here we had good support from “A Video Maker´s Primer” about all the things you have to think about,when you are shooting your first professional video story. (location, camera, light, sound, editing etc.) We also learned about basic dramaturgy. and tried to use it.

Presented project: Campaign for Foodsharing Copenhagen.

A site and a video telling about saving food and giving it to the public. Too much food is being wasted, so the FSC-people appeal to volunteers to join the foodsharing community and become a foodsaver. How can they have more volunteers, who can help distributing the food? This is the challenge.

Presented project: Our drawn storyboard

for the foodsharing project, and the customer pitch used for the presentation of our campaign to the people from Foodsharing Copenhagen.

What did I learn?

I got good experiences from group work and idea generation (e.g.brainstorming and storyboard) as well in the film making as in the foodsharing campaign, which was our first “real project” and cooperation with an organisation. We got knowledge of professional practices. After the introduction from FSC we tried to find out, what they wanted from us. We visited a foodsharing event, and experienced it in reality. We learned to design, plan and choose in relation to digital media production (film, video, website), so we could propose and select possible solutions. We communicated our issues and solutions to our partners (customer pitch). In that way we acquired important competencies and to be innovative in tailoring some solutions that Foodsharing Copenhagen could use. It is my impression that we had created some valuable content, and that we got positive response at our work.

campaign site and video     a story without words    
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Hi! My name is Alexander Nielsen. I am a student at KEA, Copenhagen. I want to achieve an AP Graduate in Multimedia Design. It is a very useful education, which I am very devoted to. You can learn about many professional practices and theories concerning the digital media profession. You can acquire skills and competencies, so that you can communicate and come up with digital solutions to partners and users, and that is what I want for my future. I have just finished the 1st semester, and now I want to present some of my assignments and projects from that period, and tell about my learning. You can see it on my portfolio website.

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